Digital Signage as a Service

With DSaaS,you can focus more on your core business, And get our professional advertising display management service

Flexible service plan

DSaaS develops services according to your needs and provides a flexible, cost-effective rental plan, and there is no need to worry about maintenance

Product Promotion is fast and easy to manage

Using cloud-based technology, a digital signage display with centralized management functions can provide very fast and better control of product promotion.

Make it simple

The business model of iCMSiGN is not simply to sell digital display hardware and systems but to provide value to customers. “Digital Display as a Service” covers hardware, software, and daily management and operation. Customers can focus more on their core business and utilize our professional advertising display management services

Exclusive plan

Regardless of product size or functional use case, iCMSiGN can provide exclusive plans. Please let us know your requirements for digital display services, and contact us for detailed plans and demonstrations

Driven by value

Promote digital reforms in all walks of life, iCMSiGN provides sustainable and reusable publicity and display solutions to enhance the value of your business

Featured Work

Let our Digital Signage as a Service,
Add value to your business